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Le Circuit du Vieux Marché

The river and the historic heart of the city

Visitors have been flocking to the Angkor temples since their inscription on the World Heritage List. This yearly increase has put Siem Reap in the limelight and has bestowed newfound fame upon the town.

The APSARA National Authority, originally established to see to the management and maintenance  of the temples, has broadened its responsibilities to undertaking the management and conservation of the numerous assets  of the Angkor region and the town of Siem Reap. Playing our role as a decision maker, and in order to meet the needs of tourists and visitors, the APSARA National Authority, in partnership with the province of Siem Reap and in line authorities, has decided to extend the opportunities for discovering the numerous cultural jewels of the Angkor region. Besides the temples representing its archaeological past, the town boasts an affluent and varied heritage: A religious heritage with pagodas lining the River, a landscape heritage with a network of canals irrigating the rice fields on the periphery of the town and, finally, a well preserved urban architectural heritage. 
This led the authority to design several tours aimed at exploring this diverse heritage along with cultural walks in the heart of Siem Reap. This approach is the achievement of a provincial authority-led thinking on setting up a conservation policy for the town and its historical centre.
The project of the “Old Market itinerary” is supported by the Agence Française de Développement in collaboration with Siem Reap Province and UNESCO.

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